Ein Gesetz zur Annahme der Verfassung des Irischen Freistaates und zur Einbeziehung des am 6. Dezember 1921 in London unterzeichneten Vertrages zwischen GroŖbritannien und Irland
(An Act to enact a constitution for the Irish Free State (SaorstŠt Eireann) and for implementing the Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland signed at London on the 6th Day of December, 1921)

vom Dail Eireann beschlossen am 25. November 1922 (Act Nr. 1/1922)

in Kraft getreten am 6. Dezember 1922

gešndert durch
Verfassungsgesetz (Aufhebung des Eides) vom 3. Mai 1933 (Act Nr. 6/1933)

aufgehoben durch
Verfassungsgesetz (Ergšnzung Nr. 27) vom 11. Dezember 1936 (Act Nr. 57/1936)
Verfassung Irlands vom 1. Juli 1937
Republik Irland Gesetz vom 21. Dezember 1948 (Act. Nr. 22/1948)

DŃIL EIREANN sitting as a Constituent Assembly in this Provisional Parliament, acknowledging that all lawful authority comes from God to the people and in the confidence that the National life and unity of Ireland shall thus be restored, hereby proclaims the establishment of The Irish Free State (otherwise called SaorstŠt Eireann) and in the exercise of undoubted right, decrees and enacts as follows: -

1. The Constitution set forth in the First Schedule hereto annexed shall be the Constitution of The Irish Free State (SaorstŠt Eireann).

2. The said Constitution shall be construed with reference to the Articles of Agreement for a Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland set forth in the Second Schedule hereto annexed (hereinafter referred to as "the Scheduled Treaty") which are hereby given the force of law, and if any provision of the said Constitution or of any amendment thereof or of any law made thereunder is in any respect repugnant to any of the provisions of the Scheduled Treaty, it shall, to the extent only of such repugnancy, be absolutely void and inoperative and the Parliament and the Executive Council of the Irish Free State (SaorstŠt Eireann) shall respectively pass such further legislation and do all such other things as may be necessary to implement the Scheduled Treaty.

Durch Verfassungsgesetz (Aufhebung des Eides) vom 3. Mai 1933 wurde der Artikel 2 aufgehoben.

3. This Act may be cited for all purposes as the Constitution of The Irish Free State (SaorstŠt Eireann) Act, 1922.

Anlage 1
Verfassung des Irischen Freistaates


Anlage 2
Vertrag zwischen GroŖbritannien und Irland


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Jahrbuch des Ųffentlichen Rechts, Band XIII (1925), J.C.B. Mohr Verlag, TŁbingen 1925
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