Unabhängigkeitserklärung der Irischen Republik

beschlossen durch das Erste Dáil Eireann am 21. Januar 1919


Whereas the Irish people is by right a free people:

And where for seven hundred years the Irish peope has never ceased to repudiate and has repeatedly protested in arms against foreign usurpation:

And whereas English rule in this county is, and always has been, based upon force and raud and maintained by military occupation against the declared will of the people:

And whereas the Irish Republic was proclaimed in Dublin on Easter Monday, 1916, by the Irish Republican Army, acting on behalf of the Irish people:

And whereas the Irish people is resolved to secure and maintain its complete independence in order to promote the common weal, to re-establish justice, to provide for future defence, to ensure peace at home and good will with all nations, and to constitute a national policy based upon the people's will, with equal right and equal opportunity for every citizen:

And whereas at the threshold of a new era in history the Irish electorate has in the General Election of December, 1918, seized the first occasion to declare by an overwhelming majority its firm allegiance to the Irish Republic:

Now, therefore, we, the elected, Representatives of the ancient Irish people in National Parliament assembledd, do, in the name of the Irish nation, ratify the establishment of the Irish Republic and pledge ourselves and our people to make this declaration effective by every means at our command:

We ordain that the elected Representatives of the Irish people alone have power to make laws binding on the people of Ireland, and that the Irish Parliament is the only Parliament to which tat people will give its allegiance:

We solemnly declare foreign government in Ireland to be an invasion of our national right which we will never tolerate, and we demand the evacuation of our country be the English Garrison:

We claim for our national independence the recognition and support of every free nation in the world, and we proclaim that independence to be a condition precedent to international peace hereafter:

In the name of the Irish people we humbly commit our destiny to Almighty God Who gave our athers the ourage and determination to persevere through long centuries of a ruthless tyranny, and strong in the justice of the cause which the have handed down to us, we ask His Divine blessing on this the lst stage of the struggle we have pledged ourselves to carry through to freedom.


Deputies, Cathal Brugha said when the reading was finished, you understand from what is asserted in this Deeclaration that we are now done with England. Let the world know it and those who are concerned bear it in mind.


The Deputies, standing, afirmed:

We adopt this Declaration of Independence, and we pledge ourselve to put it into effect by every means in our power.


Vorstehende Erklärung wurde vom ersten Dail verabschiedet, dessen Mitglieder eigentlich in der Wahl vom 5. Dezember 1918 als Mitglieder des Parlaments von Großbritannien und Irland (mit Sitz in Westminster, London) gewählt waren. Es war jedoch das Wahlziel der Sinn Fein, die auch Träger des Osteraufstands von 1916 war, die Mehrheit der Sitze in Irland (insgesamt 105) zu erreichen, was mit 73 Sitzen erreicht wurde; die 6 Sitze der sog. "Parlamentspartei", die bisher die meisten irischen Stimmen für das Parlament in Westminster gehalten hatte, war ebenfalls bei der Konstituierung des Dail dabei.

Da die Unionsakte von 1801 ausdrücklich eine gesonderte Versammlung der irischen Abgeordneten untersagte, war das Dail eine revolutionäre Versammlung, die von Großbritannien nicht anerkannt wurde. Von den 73 Sinn-Fein-Mitgliedern waren 36 in Gefängnissen einsitzend.


Quellen: Dorothy Macardle, The Irish Republic, Irish Press LTD. Dublin, 1951
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